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Sweetwater Lake Resort

3406 Sweetwater Road
Gypsum, CO 81637


Open 7 days a week Memorial Day through Mid November 8AM / 8PM

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Sweetwater Lake
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Another world exists here at Sweetwater Lake...

Cabins - Motels - Boats - Camping - Western Restauraunt - Horseback Riding - Wilderness Pack Trips - Fishing - Photography - Big Game Hunting



...on the edge of the Flat Tops Wilderness, 7,700 feet up, in the grandeur of the White River National Forest. Here, an unforgettable panorama of nature unfolds before you. Rent a cabin, motel, or campsite and spend a night closer to the stars. Take a trip on horseback, hike into the wilderness, or rent a canoe and paddle around the lake. Throw a line in to tempt rainbow trout from the dock or a rowboat, and watch an osprey fish with you. Enjoy a meal on the deck of the western style restaurant with five varieties of hummingbirds dining alongside.

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Permitted by the US Forest Service Bureau of Land Management.  A.J. Brink Outfitters at Sweetwater Lake Resort operates under special use permit from the White River National Forest and all or part of this operation is conducted on PUBLIC lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Managment.

A.J Brink Outfitters is an equal opportunity service provider and employer. A.J. Brink Outfitters operates under special use permit from the USON forest service, White River National Forest.

A. J. Brink Outfitters - Outfitter License #370 - Licensed, Insured - Life Member, NRA - Member: Colorado Outfitters Association